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Articles written by Nomsa Bembe

Sex & January’s Cabbage Blues

Tis the season for the cabbage lalalala lala lala...yhuu sana...tiz bad. Nini nini inkomazi, mawuthi uvula ifridge hello cabbage mawuthi uyayivala vuu tin fish...awusazi nokuthi the smell from the tin fish is the fish itself or it's your girl's punani ngoba phela this month kugezwa nge sunlight bath but you still smell...kweeee...ningasifaki kuma family problems wenu somblief tog, thina we still good.

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How To Get Dezember Sexin’ Right

Elami ikhekhe liyaphumula ngo december. 16th is for my girlfriends, 25th and 26th is for family. 31st..uhm..oh well..maybe then I can be with the bae just so I can get serviced first thing in the morning nge New Year. I don't wanna wonder the whole day on the 1st of January ukuthi i-tlof tlof ka 2020 injani.

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Sasa’s Sex Special

Akakhumuli i-boxer and leave his shirt, socks and shoes on bese akudle njenge one-night stand. Stivovo does not lick your ears so much that you end up not hearing God's word. Stivovo plays with your tits usagqokile, nipple rubs are the best phela.

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Imagine umithe after udodi we-sex

There are guys who just can't seem to satisfy a woman in bed. I don't know if iqininiso ukuthi experience helps or maybe abanye basuke babe over confident. Hai cha kunabantu abakhefuzela phezu kwakho njenge truck yamalahle and lesoskhathi wena awuzwa fokol. Umuntu wakhona uyakurasela asking why you not cumming.

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The Art of Cheating

Infidelity is a team effort and we have each other’s backs as women. "So wuwe lo owenza umngani wethu happy?" a friend will ask a guy, even if she knows that you are boyfriend number four. We will call you mkhwenyana for five years knowing full well that our friend is still waiting for Mr Right. Whatever that is…

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Isono Sethu Bubufazi

Tumza used to go to every gender based violence march with Rosemary always shouting, "STOP WOMEN ABUSE." On the palm of his hands, he wrote: Abuse is not love! He had a genuine smile, well so it seemed.

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