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Articles written by Rithuli Orleyn

Happy New Year

as you remember: / whites are explorers. / blacks, nomadic. / If you are white, you are an artist. / black, craft-worker/handwork practitioner / whites are doctors & professors / blacks, ‘organic-intellectuals’, witch-doctors and sorcerers. /

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Voting Cow Consciousness

Now, when you pause and think about it. The black agenda - in its 'civilized' or in the hands of educated Blacks, in its expression of propertied Blacks who hold tenure in keeping with white sensibilities - has always been welcomed in white power corridors. It has never been an utter no-no for whites to countenance the Black agenda.

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‘Black’: two in one

As the oppressed group, against the oppressor-camp, we are all Black. And for that reason, we must do all the things Biko suggests we must do: such as “cling to one another with a tenacity that will surprise the oppressor”; “rally together around the cause of our oppression - the blackness of our skin” and provide the antithetical counterpoint that will arrest and dismantle the oppressor-camp’s assault on us. Namely, “Black solidarity” against “White racism”.

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