Happy New Year

as you remember:
whites are explorers.
blacks, nomadic.
If you are white, you are an artist.
black, craft-worker/handwork practitioner
whites are doctors & professors
blacks, ‘organic-intellectuals’, witch-doctors and sorcerers.
whites have language.
blacks, dialects
whites have science
we have magic
The power to name
designates to White, Religion
and to Black, superstition
Literature vs fables
by same logic Whites have Poetry
and we have praise-singing
whites are families
blacks are ‘support structures’
whites have ideology
we have a hunch
& myths
Oh especially our myths
whites have estates
we have plots
whites have festive season
(Holidays of bottomless Chenin Blanc & Chardonnay flowing all day
where we come to pick up a piece-job and cap expression to two phrases: “im sorry madam”
“thank you for tipping sir”
...till end of Feb)
Blacks have big days
(16, 24,25,26, 31, & 1st)
Oh, I forget Black Friday
today ends that big-day minstrelsy
whites have theme parks & casinos
we have mzoli & groover lounge
This is the logic of Malls vs shopping-centres
The reason Whites are greeted with “have a wonderful day sir”
(by a cashier) vs 'NEXT!' &
‘PLASTIC?’ when you are next in line
whites have houses& communities
we have cribs,
& the ghetto-fabulous hood
It’s no wonder they have Spaghetti Bolognese (a specific dish)
and we have ‘ukutya kwecephe’
(which is in reality anything on a plate, so long as it’s not poison)
we are guilty of prejudice and strong feelings of hate
Whites take it a step further, & turn that hate into a social safety-net: racism
whites are trust-fund babies, and heirs to land they put Apart-Heid (separating fence) around
And this is why #decolonization
Happy New Year