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Articles written by Rithuli Orleyn

Fish is Right

It’s also true that, on the land we have lived on for thousands of years, we can wake up one day, to claims, by settlers, that, it, our land, was “empty land” all along.

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Mayine, phew! what a song by Simphiwe Dana. No, a monster of sorts to be sure. This instant classic is from her third album offering, Kulture Noir. When I first heard that song, I was transfixed. Well, the whole album bubugqwirha nje, ukuthakatha of the Most-High vibrations.

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Chronicles of a Christian who Reads

Christianity is a big player in the business of interpretation. In precisely this way, it is generative of hegemonic interpretative schemas. Prayer, for starters, can no longer be imagined outside its lingo. Secondly, any appeal to the world of spirit is now bifurcated into God and demons. Devils are black, Angels are white.

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Justice for Bra Mike

In the longest running trademark case —in the history of South Africa, 19 years to date, the acting judge Keightely, in Johannesburg High Court, refuses to grant Bra Mike leave to appeal a contempt of court judgement.

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Memory Is the Weapon: Bitter Truths

We know that Project Coast, the biological and chemical warfare program mastered by Wouter Basson and Pieter Willem Botha continued under the De Klerk administration because in April 1989, the Civil Corporation Bureau (CCP) attempted to kill the Reverend Frank Chikane with poison while he was on a trip in Namibia.

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Happy New Year

as you remember: / whites are explorers. / blacks, nomadic. / If you are white, you are an artist. / black, craft-worker/handwork practitioner / whites are doctors & professors / blacks, ‘organic-intellectuals’, witch-doctors and sorcerers. /

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Voting Cow Consciousness

Now, when you pause and think about it. The black agenda - in its 'civilized' or in the hands of educated Blacks, in its expression of propertied Blacks who hold tenure in keeping with white sensibilities - has always been welcomed in white power corridors. It has never been an utter no-no for whites to countenance the Black agenda.

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