Blacks Are Not Charity Cases of the Capitalist Class

Blacks Are Not Charity Cases of the Capitalist Class

Unlike our confused friends, we reject with contempt the donation by a "black" capitalist family with the same vigour we rejected the donation by the families of Johan Rupert & Nicki Oppenheimer. We reaffirm our unwavering opposition to capitalism irrespective of the colour of the capitalist involved. As we have consistently stated throughout the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, capitalism is the actual killer disease and the inability to deal with the virus is but a symptom. No amount of peanuts can take away the economic crisis faced by capitalism and its inability to deliver basic human needs and care.

The reduction of our class to "charity cases" of the greedy capitalist bosses should be exposed for exactly what they are: guilt driven actions by people who consistently super exploit and oppress the working class majority. These acts should at least demonstrate to our class that resources are there and the wealth can sustain everyone, but due to the greed of capitalism, it (the wealth) is in the hands of the few.

As we battle with the virus, it is important for our class to demand the whole wealth not mere donations, we should demand nationalization of health facilities that are in the hands of private owners and demand expanded public works to ensure all our communities access water. The working class will be the highest hit by the outbreak and economic consequences thereof, we have no option but to fight back.

Capitalism is the actual pandemic, and the working class should fight back or perish. You have no one but yourselves, not greedy capitalists or religion/superstition - fight now!

*Vusi Mahlangu writes in his personal capacity.

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Vusi Mahlangu

Vusi Mahlangu

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