Gig of The Weekend - Skokiian Jol

Join us for a vibe of note at The Madison where we will be hosting Skokiaan Jol. The Madison is an art-centered space with an urban garden and the best view of the Joburg CBD.

Skokiaan is an illicit brew made by black people in response to the harsh liquor act of 1927. Our event is a celebration of the spirit of determination black people had. We will be showcasing a collection of artists on the day and there will be a delicious array of music, food and drinks.

We are all about the inclusive safe spaces and we welcome you to feel the vibe with us at The Madison on the 28th - a place where we want Creatives and Artists and the like to feel at home. So come through as you are and let’s connect while we have a proper #skokiaanjol


Still in its early stages, The Madison Building is an Art-centered space which will become home to a well-curated selection of Artist studios, Artisan workshops, an Art Gallery , an eatery as well as Art offices/agencies.

The space is also a lively and flourishing urban garden as well as an event venue , which is also available for hire for film and photo shoots.

The Madison Building will be home for experimental art to take place on an international level, with artist residencies and exchange programs.

The Skokiaan gatherings will be a build-up to Art Week Joburg in September, as a means of generating more interest in The Madison Building.

We have chosen to dub our gatherings of young and determined creatives Skokiaan Jol not to celebrate the drink that destroyed and continues to destroy many; we are celebrating the spirit of determanition that black people are made of.

Our Skokiaan Jols are a celebration of our blackness, creativity, fighting spirit and a gathering to inform a brighter future for ourselves in a world that continues to oppress us by virtue of our skin colour.

Skokiaan Jol will be a monthly gathering at The Madison. We will host an Art Exhibition, an Artisinal market alongside good food, music and drinks.