Singayisusa Nanini Na

Singayisusa Nanini Na

Unsurprisingly there is currently a hypocritical wave of uproar in white circles, about the recent commentary by South AfriKKKa’s ambassador to Denmark, Mam’Zindzi Mandela, on the land question, which she expressed through her twitter account.

It is perhaps important to start by saying that we as the Black Power Front (BPF) unapologetically support and agree with each and every word that Mam’Zindzi tweeted. We support her position for several reasons.

One of them being the fact that, as a Black person and native of Afrika, she owes nobody (more particularly the European invaders), an explanation or apology for how she chooses to articulate the pain and suffering of her own people.

All right-thinking Black people know that there is absolutely nothing controversial, undiplomatic or untrue in what Mam’Zindzi said and that this uproar from the white world is nothing but an expression of the habitual arrogance and hypocrisy of white people.

It is this type of white arrogance and hypocrisy that has produced and continues to embolden unapologetic white supremacists like Hellen Zille and Steve Hofmeyr.

However, this reaction of the white world to Mam’Zindzi’s public articulation of her views on the Black condition in South AfriKKKa, must be viewed in a much bigger context.

After the disintegration of the National Party (NP) whites now had to confront the question: which political vehicle will now serve as the embodiment of our aspirations?

As part of the response to this question, the Conservative Party, AEB and Federal Alliance merged to form the Freedom Front Plus (FF+), in 1994.In 2000, the Federal Alliance and the New National Party came together to form the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Then in 2002 Solidarity was formed. Solidarity is a reincarnation of the all-white Transvaal Workers Union of 1902. This union led a rebellion against the colonial regime of Smuts, in the 1920s, under the slogan “Workers of the world, unite and fight for a white South Africa!”.

Then in 2006, Afriforum was formed. As Black people, it should therefore not surprise us why AfriForum, Freedom Front Plus and the DA, are unanimous in calling for the head of Mam’Zindzi.

Remember these are the same anti-black groups that opposed the EFF-sponsored motion in parliament to have the Constitution amended to allow for expropriation of land without compensation.

You would also recall that as part of their opposition to land being returned to its rightful owners, Black people in South AfriKKKa, Afriforum embarked on a global campaign to mobilise the white world against this position.

They got support from Trump and their white kin in Australia. Australia’s home affairs Peter Dutton went as far as to publicly offer to fast track visa applications for whites in South AfriKKKa to enable their migration to Australia.

There were also huge public protests by whites in Australia against land repossession by Blacks in South AfriKKKa. These protests were also used to spread and bolster the Afriforum lie that whites in South AfriKKKa are victims of a Black-initiated genocide.

Why has the South AfriKKKan government not asked Trump, Dutton or Afriforum to account for spreading this white lie? But MaM’Zindzi must explain herself to a foreign- land- stealing- raping- murdering minority? Rubbish!

We must also remember that it was AfriForum that supported and defended Pieter Doorewaard and Phillip Schutte, who brutally murdered our 16-year-old Brother, Matlhomola Mosueu, in Coligny on April 20, 2017.

You would also have noticed that, since she decided to twit her views on the land question, Mam’Zindzi has been subjected to the vilest of personal insults by whites and interestingly, the issue of ‘decorum’ was not brought up as it relates to her personal dignity being publicity violated.

In fact, instead of defending her, some of her own 'comrades' openly called her to order. For what? This and other apologetic reactions by some Blacks suggest to us as the Black Power Front that, we as Blacks don’t fully understand what has been happening in South AfriKKKa, for the past couple of years.

For the past 25 years, the white world in South AfriKKKa, through the facility of anti-black groups like the Freedom Front Plus, the Democratic Alliance, Solidarity and AfriForum, has been reorganising whites for a fight against Black people.

And this is why, in its renewed anti-black vigour, the Freedom Front Plus, adopted the old DA slogan of

‘Slaan Terug’. This slogan is a perfect summary of the current mindset of whites in South AfriKKKa. It is this very mindset that enabled a substantial increase of the Freedom Front Plus's electoral support, in the May 8 general election.

Whites in South AfriKKKa are not playing games. They are ‘fighting back’, from all fronts and this is because there is no doubt in their minds that they are under attack and are therefore in war-mode. This is why they are now intensifying the school holiday programme of training white youth and women in the use of arms.

How should the Black world respond to all this? Black people in South AfriKKKa must realise that, our pettiness and in particular our continuing narrowmindedness of approaching all our problems through the lens of party politics-is part of the reason why we remain slaves in the land of our ancestors.

Furthermore, the centuries-old fight between us (the indigenous) and the invaders (the European invaders), whose epicentre is land dispossession- has not ended. This fight has only morphed and this is why we remain not just landless natives, but also an invaded- conquered-captive people, who are forever in beggar-mode.

If we understand this, not only will we make defending Mam’Zindzi and others like her a non-negotiable, but we will also join the BPF's call for Blacks in South AfriKKKa to as a matter of emergency come together and form a united black front, on the land and other key Black political questions.

We Blacks in South AfriKKKa will do good to heed the words of the Warrior Queen, Assata Olugbala Shakur, when she said "For centuries, we have endured beatings only to never raise our fists. We remain in subjugation, talking, listening, debating, but nothing changes. The only thing left to do is to fight centuries of fire with fire. If we are unwilling to riot, unwilling to show our anger…unwilling to blow up the signs of colonial terror without the permission of the white man, then we will remain plantation slaves shovelling pig shit while the white master sips tea.”

The Black Power Front stands by Mam’Zindzi Mandela and we further declare #MakunyiweOnce!


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Singayisusa Nanini Na

Singayisusa Nanini Na

Unsurprisingly there is currently a hypocritical wave of uproar in white circles, about the recent commentary by South AfriKKKa’s ambassador to Denmark, Mam’Zindzi Mandela, on the land question, which she expressed through her twitter account.

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