To Who It May Concern Read by Modise Sekgothe

(Day 132)

To Whom It May Concern,

They have glued flat my tongue against the roof of my mouth, my words; i had attempted to store them beneath it, no -- rather -- these trifling words. Now, in lieu of my handicap, if it be not at all troublesome to you, may you please burden yourself with but a few letters thereof, and when you see Her, in Her ears arrange them gently. Tell Her not to use them. No. Not as yet. They are still only but pitiful parasites, her ears sumptuous seashells. She should only, only harvest them once they have matured into the lustrous pearls that i know them to be. Inform Her that i will be at Her service at harvest, and when She speaks these pearls, i will hold on to them, add them as charm pieces to the headdress that i have assembled out of her, “I love yous”, “You are for mes”, and “You make me happys”. In what will be a symbol in our celebration of our being, I will adorn Her in Her crown forged in the fairness of my need to be with Me.

Tell Her this:"There are three things that we know for certain in this life:
1. We know not where we come from and why we are here.
2. We know not how we will exit this life and where we are to go thereafter. 3. We know that we exist, we are here, and life is hard.

Now please, may you walk with me through this hardship? You are Me. I have found Me. Assist Me. As our bodies are the mountains that we are tasked to move incessantly, with your faith in Me, move Me, and I, with mine in You, will move You. You move me, ever so effortlessly, always. You are Me. May you move Me willingly, till our exit from this existence.

I Am You. You love Me, truly.”

Yours Sincerely,

*Taken from Break Breath With Me by Vus’umuzi Phakathi