A Situation Called Can Themba

A Situation Called Can Themba

Can Themba never misses the opportunity ‘to dazzle the white audience with his vital mind’, says Bloke, because ‘he realized that a [white]woman will seek to patronize a man even into bed’.


Healing The World Through Poetry

Yho! I feel like this question touches me in my studio! I have always valued my freedom. And have always seen myself as a “pack my bags nanini na” kinda woman. Now, I have to weigh up so many things against each other, does it make financial sense?

Your Beauty Is My Concern

The project for a decade has focused its lens on the physical urban spaces in which the hairdressers live and work. The body of work has opened channels for a conscious and compassionate dialogue between various spaces in and out of hair care.

Vuma Levin Tours Cape Town

He is delighted to be heading for the Mother City to perform songs from his new offering. "The tour of Cape Town in the coming week will see me play in a jazz quintet featuring Blake Hellaby (Piano), Darren English (Trumpet), Sean Sanby (Bass) and Jonno Sweetman (Drums).

Rah – A Desire Marea & Zoe Modiga Collaboration

"Rah is a song lamenting the decay of the earth and the anxiety of existing in it, with it, and as it" he comments. "Is self-cannibalisation just the order of nature? Is it part of the healing? Is there renewal on the other side of disaster? Still, we beg for repentance." commented Desire Marea


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