A Black Prayer From A Non-Christian

May the spirit of Biko and Sobukhwe fill Azania with a deep discontentment and unbearable moral rage. From the youngest to the eldest, let the quest for the land seize our hearts and consume our minds.

May every class room and every lecture hall turn into mourning, with deep meditative and contemplative episodes.

In every boardroom and every bedroom, let there be consternation, a growing anxiety about the appalling state of Blackness.

Let the unearned advantage of land language and wealth enjoyed by white people in Azania become an unavoidable agenda in every cabinet meeting, every legotla and every caucus.

In the mines, in the factories and in the farms, let the spirit of revolt rise with a new resolve to levels never seen before.

Let domestic workers and petrol attendants find their voice and demand their place in the world.

May our soul never find rest until the preservation of white privilege is ended and blackness has been avenged.

We end this prayer only to take up our responsibility to act in order to bring about justice, knowing, as Biko taught us, that "God is not in the habit of coming down from heaven to solve people's problems"

So We Shall Do What Must Be Done
By Whatever Means Necessary
To Return The Land to the Landless