Kukhanya Mthimkulu

Exploring Group Theory: Black Music

It is never an easy thing to disturb the narrative. Courageous artistry, in a world that demands conformity, requires a unique, distinct level of confidence in one’s creative journey.

Midnight Train to Makhanda – Makhafula Vilakazi

As its name suggests, taking a midnight train to Makhanda represents the exhilaration of leaving behind, albeit temporarily, the suffering and loss faced by many artists since the advent of the Covid pandemic, and the economic and social devastation this has brought with it.

URIZE! and UMDALI @ Joburg Theatre: A Live Musical Assemblage

It is resistance music, protest, and liberatory; the music calls together the achingly tired peoples of this land to reflect on the horrors they have had to endure, and how much they have had to overcome, notwithstanding how much things have remained the same; with the promise that together we will overcome.

From Your Lips To My Soul: A Soulful Instrumental Connection

I think it is fair to assume that we have all encountered music that has quite literally sent shivers down our spines.

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