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The Democratization of Pornography

Now, I never got the full ‘Blue Movie’ experience, however, I do remember a day when my brother and his friends kicked me out of our small bachelor flat to use the VCR machine to watch a porno. Out of nowhere, my grandmother rocked up to visit my mom and lo and behold she found a group of pubescent boys in their school uniform gaping at a sex scene on the TV.

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The Lords of Humanity Are Offended, so Dr. Lushaba Must Die

Lushaba's crime? To stretch political science beyond acceptable limits set by the Empire. He blasted off the lid that protects the dominant canon in the political science discipline as we know it. By so doing he gives political science an existentially responsive content and outlook when it comes to the lives that it had been made to overlook and violate. And so, yes, his pedagogical approach offends white epistemic sensibilities. Lushaba's argument, as I understand it, is very simple and logical.

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Introducing Wom{b}_anifesto

Wom{b}_anifesto forms part of a research project aimed at documenting the journey of creative women in South Africa. The output will be a non-fiction book featuring interviews and stories, their challenges and what the future holds. Content curator Vuyolwethu Reoagile (Graphoflux) will write, curate the content, and produce the anthology. Ilze Wessels (OTYNet) will curate the physical and virtual exhibition.

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