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Blacks Are Not Charity Cases of the Capitalist Class

As we battle with the virus, it is important for our class to demand the whole wealth not mere donations, we should demand nationalization of health facilities that are in the hands of private owners and demand expanded public works to ensure all our communities access water. The working class will be the highest hit by the outbreak and economic consequences thereof, we have no option but to fight back.

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The Portrait Show

The Portrait Show is not an exhibition solely concerned with the technical abilities of an artist to depict (or, in fact, obscure) a sitter. It is a quest to explore and borrow from the artists’ deliberations about the state of the world today. Over a series of studio visits, conversations and the revisiting of artists statements, Nxumalo has compiled a collection of diverse sentiments about the Anthropocene, explored and expressed by a vibrant group of artists based in South Africa and beyond.

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Nationalise Healthcare or Perish

One country after another is going into lockdown, to one degree or another. People are being told to avoid unnecessary movements, to avoid crowded areas, to self-isolate if they are at risk. But at the same time, millions of workers are being told to go into work, forced to use crowded public transport, to work shoulder to shoulder, increasing the risk of contagion. This is putting workers’ lives at risk, but they are also at risk of taking the contagion home and infecting their families, all for the sake of capitalist profit.

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Mayine, phew! what a song by Simphiwe Dana. No, a monster of sorts to be sure. This instant classic is from her third album offering, Kulture Noir. When I first heard that song, I was transfixed. Well, the whole album bubugqwirha nje, ukuthakatha of the Most-High vibrations.

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Dudu Myeni: A Litmus Test for SA Black Feminism

There is a political contest between the forces of the ruling elite and their appendages who are heading the state against the working class, which in this case is the only voice that can counter rampant neoliberalism of privatization of state owned enterprises. This contest is also carried out in the terrain of the ideological state apparatus wherein the media, radio, newspapers, bourgeois academics all echo the sentiments that Dudu Myeni plunged SAA into a financial abyss.

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