Cross-Over Syndrome

Black people cross over into hell every year. The only person crossing over temporally is the one banking last night's offering. He too will soon be crossing back to hell as soon as the money lands in white hands.

The rest woke up with a church hangover. Let me just give it to you straight up, get out of church, go find Biko. Until you have met Biko, you are not ready to worship God, you are a danger to Black society

Every church service in Black society must be a place of spiritual lament, with songs and hymns of protest, liturgies of justice and prayers of recommitment to the Black struggle. Forget the Hillsongs from Australia, treat with suspicion anything that sings you a lullaby and promises you freedom in the by and by. Not even Joyous Celebration should be taken for granted. The prayer of the conqueror cannot be the same as that of the conquered. Good News to the conquered is Bad News to the conquered!

Worship in Black society is force preparation and force readiness for total emancipation. We live for one thing and one thing only as a conquered people, to wage war against the persistent white power and the preservation of white privilege.

We have a sacred spear for this war, Black Theology. Any pulpit or preacher without this sacred spear, serves only to numb Black People as they are led into the slaughter house.

Don’t cross over, don't try and escape and leave your brothers and sister in perpetual bondage, instead, burn down hell, eradicate Black pain by all means necessary. (Informal settlement, backyard dwelling, overcrowded clinics, separate development and under development etc.) must not exist.

Again, go find Biko before you come back to church in 2020, if he is not already being preached from the pulpit. This is what Jesus himself would say!