Memories of June 16

Memories of June 16

“History will keep repeating itself if it is not known by the present, it is with its knowledge that a change can happen.”

This is the directive of Sibikwa Arts Centre’s Memories of June 16, an interactive production for learners in Grades 7 to 12. Performances at Sibikwa Arts Centre, Benoni, are scheduled at 10am and 2pm from 17 to 28 May 2021 (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).

About Memories of June 16:

South Africa bares a rich history of black youth from poor backgrounds fighting for quality education. From the fight against Bantu education – June 16, 1976; to the fight for decolonized education – #FeesMustFall, 2015; in 2021 Sibikwa Arts Centre and its learners continue supporting the fight for access to education that suits their needs and realities, and reflects and responds to their lived experiences, cultures and languages. On 26 April 2021, Sibikwa and its learners delivered a petition to the office of the Mayor of Ekurhuleni requesting support for Sibikwa’s flagship projects.

Memories of June 16 is an interactive production that seeks to inform young people of the happenings of that momentous day. The presentation will engage learners actively in the events of the day by enrolling them as students who demonstrated on June 16. It will provide an experience based learning opportunity, which will engage the learners intellectually, emotionally and physically and provide a significant meaningful experience. There will be a discussion and Q&A session with the actors after the performance.

This production is performed by Sibikwa's mixed ability Inclusive Creative Arts Programme learners, directed by Smal Ndaba.

“It is important to commemorate June 16, not only to educate our young people about the history and legacy of the everyday heroes that came before them, but also to reinvest in the spirit of the day - as more than just a holiday for people to wear school uniforms and go out drinking.” – Smal Ndaba.

Sibikwa calls out to schools near and far to not miss out on this production and allow their leaners increased understanding of June 16, engagement with concepts of rights to education and protest, and recognition of their agency to lead change in their environments.

For more information email Vus’umuzi Phakathi on phakathi@currentstate.co.za. Follow Sibikwa Arts Centre on Facebook, @SibikwaArts on Twitter, and Instagram for information on the petition.

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David Goldblatt

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