Poem for Myesha

Poets do not die,
They flutter
Transposing eventualities
and acuity
death is alchemy
and range
it is paramountcy

For a poet’s death is apotheosis
Poets die to become Gods
Always a hamlet
a shaman,
a sphere
A memory of a mortal coil

Poets write because they love us
Poets die unescorted by the immensity of their worlds of words
A register

How do we keen over prophets who give gifts in death ?

Poets do not die
they become space
Jazz and a conviction
Poetry as form is a way of dying
In death
poets become a sum of their revolutions and ancestors

Sing a lark home,
Sing her a throne fit for too many years of making worlds through
consonance and vowels
You loved her in flesh
love her now as air and magic ethereal

Myesha now lives as music
Sing her radically
and complex
A lark
Write her a giant
a tradition
A new groove

Myesha now lives in music
With her voice haunting us with each poem
And each word now a spiritual