The Queens Fortress - Met_A_Morphosis

The Queens Fortress - Met_A_Morphosis

The Listening Session 1 - Album Listening Party

Album Title: Wormhole_Of_ Consciousness

Music and Poetry have had a long history of being intertwined with Hip Hop deeply soaked in the world of poetry.

“Rhythm & Poetry” is a phrase we are all familiar with; and many believe that it is the original meaning for the acronym RAP. Rap music and poetry have borrowed from each other for years with elements such as lyricism, meter, word play and rhythmic execution playing a vital role in both art forms.

The Album Wormhole_of_Cosiousness, is a well-orchestrated dance between both elements. Met_A_Morphosis intricately stitches the art of words and rhythm together in his project as he explores the concepts of seeking higher forms of consciousness and perception of self-fused with elements of philosophy and science. In the album he jumps between hip hop, jazz, neo soul and classical music creating a unique and engaging sound.

On this episode, we were also joined by collaborating artists FlexofHe&I , Kb Kilobyte and the man behind all the visual work behind the project Devolutionery.

For more on Met_A_Morphosis and his works:

Twitter: @Met_A_Morphosis Facebook: Thando Motumi Instagram: @m3t_a_morphosis

Artist Profile

Thando “Met_A_Morphosis” Motumi is a sketch artist and poet who uses abstract art to deliver spoken word poetry. He delivers intricate freestyles with a conscious flow to add a rhythmic element to his poetry.

The artist has gathered an extensive list of accomplishments throughout his journey as a writer and performer. Of these achievements, one of his most recent and most cherished achievements is the release of his first album Wormhole_of_Consciousness which challenges the concepts of consciousness and time.

Met_A_Morphosis has performed on many stages throughout the years and has won many esteemed awards including the “Best Writing Style Award ‘13” at the Open Mic Poetry Awards, being placed in the Top5 of the WordnSound 2019 season and Top3 in the Current State of Poetry in 2016.

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