Three Kings: Mutle, Makhafula & Soko

With over 50 combined years of poetic practice experience, the barren Jozi skies have at least unleashed upon us three consecutive weeks of spectacular poetry. The three kings comprising Mutle Mothibe, Makhafula Vilakazi and Sabelo Soko will recall the past and the contemporary in titles, Disassembling Mutle Mothibe, Mandela Is Dead and the Umkhondo Experience respectively.

Mutle Mothibe - Disassembling Mutle Mothibe

Date: 20 October, 2019 Venue: Kippies, The Market Theatre Time: 15h00 Cost: R130 Tickets: Webtickets

Disassembling Mutle Mothibe is a heart-warming self-reflective, sensitive, finely crafted biographic mixture of poetry accompanied by sound and visuals to tell the tale of Mutle Mothibe. A unique journey about adolescence, love, loss, grief, memory, and identity which unfold through the use of music and visuals to tell a personal narrative about relationships and the lessons that come from it. Exploring the life of an artist recalled and reconstructed through memory, remembered moments from the past, fading memories, conjured up conversations, snippets of music, truths and half- truths.

Makhafula Vilakazi - Mandela Is Dead

Date: 26 October, 2019 Venue: Soweto Theatre Time: 15h00 Cost: R130 Tickets: Webtickets, Pick N Pay, Soweto Theatre

Now that Nelson Mandela is no longer here, is it not time to have the difficult conversation with the white settler minority? To what extent should we still hold on to the dream of non-racialism when the minority has made it clear that they do not regard Blacks as equals and would never subject themselves to the rule (economically and otherwise) of the African majority. How long should the Black child continue to forgive an oppressor who has not apologised? Is it not time to revisit Mandela’s deal with the white minority?

Sabelo Soko – Umkhondo Experience

Date: 2 November 2019 Venue: Joburg Theatre Cost: R80 Tickets: Joburg Theatre

The ambitious project trails a wandering Nguni wordsmith who comes to terms with the realities of being outside the establishment whilst chasing a dream developed by the establishment. What a thing?! Using indigenous poetic forms such as izibongo, izisho, amahubo and chants, the wanderer turns to the source for a way forward. To celebrate the going back to the source theme of Umkhondo, Sabelo Soko is joined by two exciting wordsmiths from his hometown eMkhondo, Kazii_M and CooleGun.