Untold to me is why my fellow monkeys call dying a living/ why dry boreholes ushering painful smiles to cleanse madam’s racist guilt are called freedom/ Untold in the speeches of my liberating thieves/ In black on black for black white boer owned newspapers/ the sacrifice of Nelson is more than my soul can bear/ Need to be done dancing on white jesus pulpits of my Sunday black Italian fashion shows/ Monkey is your ma se boeregat poes/ Give me land, give me liberty, or I must take/ Biko never lied/ Sobukwe never lied/ Mahlangu never died for ukuthi ngizoncenga okungokwami/ Give me land/ these thugs/ the killers/ these armed robbers are my people/ give me land/ give me land/ give white racist thief/ give the land/awuzanga uphethe umhlaba wena ufike nge skebhe ulahlekile/ my people are ready/ in their eyes I see the anger of the tortured, displaced, dispossessed cute little monkeys/

Untold on the pages of your bibles/ is that my people black built these pyramids/ is that my people, black brought religion/ is that the light of civilisation is black like me/ That in the beginning there was Ra / the Ra before the Ramashia/ stolen by Plato twisted and turned against me is untold to me/ Untold by the fathers of the fathers of this my part time freedom/ with bits of crumbs to keep me from actually dying/ give me land/ give me land/ Or I must take.

Untold/ are the closed doors behind the open doors/ The real reason why they loved that Mandela so much/ immortalised him in memories of children blinded by poverty to believe/ Why Biko chained naked beaten and lying on a mat and manacled to a metal grille with brain damage/ Sobukwe poisoned and erased even from the memory of his own children/ Why our own mothers litter us only to name us after townships, Soweto, Vosloorus, Alexandra, Alex as if our boxed existence is not enough pain/ give / give/ give me land

Untold are the ghetto ambitions of nyaope addicted township Messis/ kicking salotape and paper bag footballs/ black born kicking dreams/ kicking Aids/ kicking out kwerekweres/ Untold are the reasons behind the reasons why I kick myself so much/ The reason for the tear in every smile of every dignity stripped domestic rubbish/ For the gaping wounds of R200 induced miscarriages/ For lenkinga ka-kau oncike ngezibi ehlaselwa yidown/ why we marry to avoid poverty/

I don’t know Lesego/ I don’t know Oswald/ I don’t know Sepamla/ Oh but akufani ngazi uShakespeare.