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The War At Home

The focus of this series is on both the hidden and known histories in the home. The home is a place of comfort and safety, but can also be a space of trauma and pain. These personal stories have the power to rebuild or destroy families.

Black People & Love

Beyond the crime, unemployment and lack of resources the hood raises us for community. Many mornings my mother would send me to one of the many houses in our street to ask for anything from R10 for transport to those massive enamel dishes for umsebenzi… I never came back empty handed.

Madjozi: Keeping It ‘Real’ Privileged

When I was at it, ‘keeping it real’ was the nuts and bolts of being an artist. I understand Sho Madjozi wants to market her material on that street cred farm by any means necessary but the truth is she comes from a privileged background.

Sex Etiquette

Imagine if your partner cracked a joke during your passionate lovemaking; that joke came when you were enjoying those tingling beautiful sensations that are a gateway to explosive orgasms. Would you laugh or chuckle or ignore the joke altogether and continue with the sex?

Basha Uhuru: 25 Years of Creative Freedom

The Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival not only showcases art, design, film, poetry and music, but it also provides inspirational workshops and entrepreneurial support programmes for young creatives. The exciting programme kicks off with art and talks on Thursday and carries on with a film and poetry programme till Saturdays music finale.

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