75th Anniversay Of The Birth Of Robert Nesta Marley |1945-1981

75th Anniversay Of The Birth Of Robert Nesta Marley |1945-1981

"So they bribing with their guns, spare-parts and money, trying to belittle our integrity now.

They say what we know, is just what they teach us;

And we're so ignorant, 'cause every time they can reach us, through political strategy.

They keep us hungry, and when you gonna get some food, your brother got to be your enemy,"-Robert Nesta Marley.

This week, the Black world marked the 75th anniversary of the birth of the late great, Robert Nesta Marley. To think he was only 36 when he died, yet his ideas as conveyed through song, continue to have a profound impact on our understanding of the self and the world.

Very few Black people, especially in the activist world can claim that they were never touched or inspired by the ideas of Robert Nesta Marley. He opened our eyes to what is really happening in this 'Concrete Jungle'.

He reminds us how we continue to be part of the white man's 'Rat Race' and that his 'Babylon System' continues to hold us by the placenta.

Today, 75 years after his mysterious death, he continues to call on us to 'Emancipate Ourselves From Mental Slavery' and never be afraid to speak our Black truths for 'Who The Cap Fits, Let Them Wear It'.

He expects of our generation of Black people to 'Get Up Stand' and give meaningful impetus to the call 'Africa Unite'. This is the message from the 'Natural Mystic'

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Veli Mbele

Veli Mbele

Veli Mbele is an Afrocentric essayist and secretary of the Black Power Front.

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