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Loving While Black - uMbali noSipho noVusi

uVusi was from eKasi. Pantsula guy, dark in complexion, tsotsi taal but once you looked down on his pants you could tell that lendoda iqukethe istshibozi esikhulu especially because he was not a fan of underwear. Oh well. She settled for him.

“Xenophobia” & The Poverty of the Afrikan Majority

The incessant eruptions we see in the concentration camps have little to do with xenophobia or influx control. These eruptions are a direct result of our consistent failure (over the past 25 years) to radically address the man-made economic powerlessness of the Afrikan majority.

Sibusile Xaba Live

With a vocal style that is part dreamscaping and part ancestral invocation, Sibusile Xaba divines as opposed to plainly singing. Combined with a guitar style that is rooted in expressive picking, Xaba's music shatters the confines of genre, taking only the fundamentals from mentors such as Madala Kunene and Dr Philip Tabane and imbuing these with a mythology and improvisational intensity all of his own.

Gigs of The Weekend

This payday weekend is inundated with a plethora of Black events in this here, Johannesburg. Choosing one specific gig became a nightmare for the Blacks at Culture Review, so we decided to settle on the below selection that caters to the various and diverse Black tastes of our readers.

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