Mkhokheli Dlamini

"Ndiph' uMOYA" - Dana's Prayer for Spirit, Soul, Breath, Wind & Air

Endless applause and a standing ovation follow the unforgettable performance of fans’ favourite anthem, Mayine. At the drop of the curtain, the audience continues in applause before reluctantly walking out, carrying the prayer for cleansing rain heavy with blessings. Mayine imvula.

A Night Worth Every Missed Blink

The monumental Pops Mohammed followed, unpacking various musical instruments from his bag of tricks. He took hold of our imaginations through the screen and led us on "... a journey into the mystical past," before paying due homage to the likes of Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Helen Suzman, Maya Angelou and Malcolm X, among others whom, he poetically shared, "... stand for what you and me could be." He then, with his band, rendered a polyrhythmic audio therapy session that could easily be mistaken for a meditation melody before a shrine. He uttered a serene, "Welcome to the future," towards his closure.

International Poetry And Music Virtual Event To Be Hosted At The Joburg Theatre

Tracing a trail through the ages casts it plain in sight that poetry has always been an instrument to communicate messages of urgency, activism, celebration, hope and healing.

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