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Eh Joe!/ O kopana le mmane’a hao,/ O botsise ka motswala’ hao,/ O kae Anna?/ Kana o botsisa hore o bjang,/ Ba’o botsa hore o bereka ko Clicks.

Signs You Might Be A Fatphobic Dick-Head

I was chatting with a friend about my experiences in primary school of male violence and misogyny. About the emotional, psychological and physical violence endured during my adolescents every day for four years. Then it occurred to me that most of it was because of my weight.


Ukugrumba, which means to “dig up” in isiXhosa, is a body of work motivated by my family’s trauma as a result of activism in South Africa's struggle against apartheid, liberation and reconciliation effects within present day South Africa.

Naga ya Fsa

The music of the mountains – which is ‘music of the day before yesterday, for a people of the day after tomorrow’ is a thrust of this Naga ya Fsa series of performances. Because as black artists who create, free within our minds, free within our heads, to free the land and acknowledge that we plan to make it more human between now and the day after tomorrow.

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