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This Weekend in Azania

It has been a horrid week for Azania and her women. A gruelling time for Afrika, and a disgraceful moment for the negotiated state. None of it is new of course, but the simultaneous implosion wrought a pain too crude to fathom, and rendered this week, one of the most difficult in the past 25 years for Black people.

Isono Sethu Bubufazi

Tumza used to go to every gender based violence march with Rosemary always shouting, "STOP WOMEN ABUSE." On the palm of his hands, he wrote: Abuse is not love! He had a genuine smile, well so it seemed.

Objects of Desire, Addendum

Objects of Desire, Addendum exists as a postscript to Mokgosi’s acclaimed, long-standing visual essay, Democratic Intuition, of which Comrades, exhibited at Stevenson, Cape Town, in 2016, was the second of eight chapters. Comprising painting and sculpture, Democratic Intuition questioned how one can approach the conceptual promises of democracy in relation to the daily lived experiences of the subjects that occupy southern Africa.


Modise Sekgothe's debut EP, released in May 2017, finds its way to stage for the first time. DIPOKO tsa DIPOKO is a solo project that explores the use of one voice as its own instrument, lead and narrator.

#NotAllMen: Gaslighting and Demobilising Womxn

So when we say #NotAllMen or try and rationalise the existence of less violent, "better patriarchs", understand that we're essentially gaslighting womxn who are attempting to fight back and survive. We're attempting to convince them that the obvious reality in front of their eyes that is harming them - the very system that is subordinating them via us - is fiction.

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