Ama-Piece – Piece – Nyana

25 - 26 May 2019 Ramolao Makhene Theatre

J. Bobs Live will premiere his new show at the Market Theatre for three days only 24 - 26 May 2019. The production is a bridge between straight theatre and a fascinating multi-disciplinary production that will infuse elements of a game show.

J. Bobs is an established artist who is known for his popular sketches and a style that allows him to experiment with material that is not mainstream. His new and exciting multi-disciplinary work will showcase a new cultural wave of interactive theatre that is intended to inspire a new generation of artists.

He has chosen the Market Theatre Laboratory as a beneficiary for the premiere of his new work, Sort-Of-Kind-Of-Like-Academic-Ish-Nyana-So-Yabo?

“I recognize the role that the Market Theatre Laboratory plays in empowering and developing young theatre students to harness their craft, skills and talents”, says J Bobs.

The box office proceeds from his show will go towards a bursary to cover a fulltime student’s fees for one year.

‘It takes true courage and vulnerability to chase your dreams and express your passion to the world. A career in the performance industry can be one of the most daunting realities”, he adds. “I want to play a part in making it a little easier for at least one student”.

Ungoyiki. Kuzaba robust in engagement, kuthi combust in flavourment. Kuthi Huuuu!

About Tshabalala:

Jefferson Bobs Tshabalala is the founder and owner of the Johannesburg based live arts production house, Kiri Pink Nob Arts (Pty) Ltd. This company produces straight plays, sketch comedy shows, poetry in performance productions and slams, stand-up comedy shows, and variety bill performance events (music, readings, games, symposiums, etc.). Recently, Tshabalala started producing game shows for stage and screen.

To make block bookings, please contact Anthony Ezeoke 011 832 1641ext 203 or 083 246 4950