Hyuj Matters - On Self-Care and Dreams

It’s 6 o’ clock in the morning. Your alarm clock just went off, and you’re trying to gather your thoughts from the dream world. Untangling your thoughts clumsily from sleep and disorientation, you open your eyes, grappling with the thought of assimilating back into reality, and subsequently filling your mind with thoughts of that reality. Realisation:The dream you just had left you, and you can’t seem to remember the important message it came with. The realisation lasts about two seconds and you remember there’s a report waiting for you at work, or an assignment from school, and the feeling is silenced.

The connection to the spirit isn’t always the fastest Wi-Fi connection, but this can be supplemented with taking more notice of the symbolism from your dreams. Don’t worry because symbols are symbols, like for instance that one time you dreamt you showed up to school naked, or the time you dreamt you couldn’t find a toilet and woke up needing to pee. These are common examples of how people experience universal dream symbols based on their own reality and life experience. You are not likely to experience them in isolation, because there’s a bunch of other people in the world waking up feeling that same urge to pee. You won’t always be part of the “regular dream” masses, sometimes you’ll receive a tailor-made revelation from the spirit. Like that one dream that reveals a flaw in your character that you need to work on, that left you perplexed.

Dreams are always deeply connected to the spirit, even the ones that seem insignificant. It’s all a matter of taking notice. Once you start taking notice, you realise how even the most seemingly insignificant dreams are usually connected to a part of your realty in one way or another. Dreams are deemed as sacred and need to be relayed the same way. In my experience I started realising that the more aware I was of the feeling of significance in my dreams, the more was being relayed to me in dream state. I started realising that I had to take it upon myself to try and decipher what the messages might mean to me, then realised that a lot of what I was seeing was in relation to my life in that specific time, whether it be about my interpersonal relationships, my mental state or emotional state.

I found that the more I was able to decipher, like for instance, what seeing someone I love with their back turned to me could mean in different scenarios. I would sit and consider how I felt in the dream, how the other person in the dream felt, in relation to how I feel about the person, as well as how they feel about me in reality. This in turn helped me explore what I may have subconsciously felt about whatever is being relayed to me. This helped me realise any things I was missing about my subconscious feelings towards whatever is being relayed. In turn, I consulted with elders in my community, who had more indigenous knowledge than me, then realised there’s a system of frequent symbols that have significant meanings in African cultures. Al these symbols are in relation to us and the world in and around us, giving us guidance on how to navigate the world around us. This in turn aids healing our relationship with the world around us and ourselves, which is the core principle of Ubuntu, which in many respects is self-care.

If one can take time out to put on a face mask, get a manicure, or even simply listen to one’s favourite music as an act of self-care, one can also take time to dive into the realm of the dream state to find out what one’s subconscious is saying to or about one’s reality.