The Queens Fortress - Kuchicola

The Queens Fortress - Kuchicola

“Being a woman in this industry is impossible, it is either money or sex,” singer, songwriter Kuchicola opens the door into the adversity she has had to face as a woman in the entertainment industry where woman are constantly sexualized and expected to sacrifice their dignity and their bodies in order to prosper as entertainers.

The Queens Fortress transformed into a safe space when Nicola shared a tender part of her being with us. When she was faced with the pain of a miscarriage, poetry became her silver lining. The songwriter shared a poem by the late Tupac in studio, a poem that helped her mend herself.

From safe space to live stage, the singer sang a song off her latest project in studio. Some parts of the episode were heavy, but we played and we had a phenomenal time. Kuchi was also tasked with having to create a song in studio to a beat that she had never heard by fellow female producer, Sirius. She rose to the occasion and it was stunning.

To follow us on Kuchicola and her works:

Twitter: @Kuchicola Facebook: Kuchicola Instagram: @kuchiola

Producer - Facebook: Plutonicsounds Instagram: Plutonicsounds

Artist Profile

Nicola ‘Kuchicola’ Granger is a South African singer, songwriter and music producer who ventured into establishing herself as an RnB/Trap artist in 2017. Religion and family is what Kuchi acknowledges as a driving force in honing her musical talent. She began her relationship with music at the age of eight when she would share her gift in the church being part of the choir; she later went on to win the Diners Club Idols in the same year.

Kuchicola also grew her love for music production during her tertiary studies when she qualified for a certificate in Digital Music Composition and Post Production from Boston Media House. She went on to exhibit her skill in production this year when she solely produced and handled the vocals on her latest project Produced by Kuchicola which is an RnB/Trap project with elements of of Neo-Soul, Jazz and Acapella

You can indulge in her latest work a crossed all digital platforms on her pages ‘Kuchicola’.

Twitter:@FortressQueens, Instagram: @yamoria_, Facebook :Yamoria

Podcast: ‘The Queens Fortress’ on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Stitcher

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