Mthokozisi Mthethwa

Conversations With The Author

Have you ever read a book so good you wished you could meet the author? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to meet them and what sorts of questions you would ask them?

Shaka Zulu – The Gaping Wound

The creators of this theatre piece aim to tell this part of king Shaka’s story and also highlight the death of his mother, uNdlunkulu uNandi waseLangeni, a tragedy that broke his spirit and probably the one thing that weakened him and saw him taking decisions that other members of the royal household deemed as irrational, leading to his assassination.

Tsogo – The Review

A Motlokwa woman, an academic, an African, brave and fearless leader who, among other things, took the responsibility of becoming the voice of the voiceless and fought for the freedom of African women.

Review: Metsi

Every human being has an inner voice that always whispers inside them. Some call it their spiritual being, or inner self. Others refer to it as their sixth sense. Sometimes it affirms one's daily choices, sometimes it interrogates those choices.

Memory Box: Ruthless Soldiers & Peeing In My Sister’s Dangara

As the soldiers were making their way out of our home, Gogo noticed that one of the soldier's hand was bleeding. He had hurt himself while they were breaking my uncle's door. The wound was severe and he was bleeding profusely.

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