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Botsotso the Outdoor Pantsula

East Rand’s Tembisa, my then coal smoke misty locale complete with unforgivingly rough and dusty streets, was a perpetual hive of all kinds of activities and had no time nor place for extreme sports or outdoor activities. After all, life was already an extreme sport in these parts as my permanently judgemental childhood friend often quipped.

Knuckle City

A cultural melting pot, the rich heritage and diversity of the Eastern Cape with its vibrant people, and magnificent sights are what make this region so unique. The birthplace of legends like Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, the province is the traditional home of the Xhosa people.


Untold are the ghetto ambitions of nyaope addicted township Messis/ kicking salotape and paper bag footballs/ black born kicking dreams/ kicking Aids/ kicking out kwerekweres/ Untold are the reasons behind the reasons why I kick myself so much/ The reason for the tear in every smile of every dignity stripped domestic rubbish/

Weekender – Moholo, MoMo & Madiba

It's a known fact that Blacks don't have land and are therefore without the primary source of wealth. But Blacks are talented as fuck. There is no reason why so many of us, 13 million we are told, must live under the so-called breadline. Blacks are so driven they come to Jo’burg, live on a couch (at a friend's place who is long gatvol with their black-ass), subsist on insults, survive backstabbing, undiagnosed depression, and miraculously end up producing your favourite TV show or starring on your controversial TV series

Hope Restored

The ANC emerged out of such christianized Blacks, who, as their first call of duty to liberate their people, saw it fit to go beg the Queen in England for inclusion in the whites only legislation and governing system.

The 13th letter – A Manifestation of Self

When I started pyrography in 2015, I gravitated towards images of women I found relatable. I chose images of women whose facial and emotive attributes spoke to me. The feelings evoked by the images were more than a mere double-tap, I felt a connection to them that seeped into my craft.

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