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Mandla Mlangeni Live at the Market Theatre

Mandla Mlangeni has carved a name for himself in collaborating with strongly rooted titans both locally and abroad such as but not limited to, David Murray, Evan Parker, Feya Faku, Louis Moholo, Shabaka Hutchings (UK), Ganesh Geymeier (CH), Barney Rachabane, Sipho Mabuse, Hugh Masekela, Khaya Mahlangu, Andile Yenana and Afrika Mkhize, to name a few.

Season 6

This season sees traditional forms of art and performance being re-imagined through free-spirited, transdisciplinary collaboration, and the gentle exploration and reiteration of varying forms of labour. As a vital part of our social and economic machinery, the idea of work in its broadest sense is investigated within the context of our turbulent, contemporary, urban lives.

Have We Entered A New Epoch In Human History?

Many of these rebellions are youth driven. There are calls for governments to step down. In reaction, in some countries the state has been very brutal (killing and kidnapping people). This happens even in countries where the governing parties have an anti-colonial or anti-imperialist credentials.


1981. At the beginning of what would be a politically charged and tumultuous decade, 16-year-old Nokuzola Brenda Fassie moves to Joburg; one Sabata Koloi Lebona, musical doyen-producer-songwriter, visits ‘MaBrrr’ in her Langa home and she relocates to Soweto in order to pursue a career (read calling) in music.

Thula Sindi - AfricaRise

The AfricaRise Retail Concept Store will see Thula Sindi partnering with the BEST design creatives in Africa; to position them in the richest square mile in Africa; during the BEST shopping season in retail, to bring a unique and authentic experience to shoppers by providing a destination for African design.

Power of Music in Sudan: The Sounds of “Organised Chaos”

Khartoum, the Capital city of Sudan, bore witness to the historic mass(ive) sit-in outside the army's headquarters where (mostly) young people engaged in what has come to be known as “bread protest{s}” demanded an immediate end to former president Omar al-Bashir's reign which stretched for three decades, an end the people believe(d) will bring about freedom from military rule (since their independence in 1956), peace. & prosperity.

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