Review of Le Spectre de Boko Haram

Pretending to be at peace only creates the nervousness that violence will break that peace, since the peace is formed on illusion. Violence appears as a ghost. It is not truly present at the moment, but it could be present at any moment.

Tribute To The Ancestors of Resistance: uNxele noMaqoma with Iphupho L’ka Biko

uNxele, also known as Makhanda-the-itola, was one of the original inmates on Robben Island. He led the “Battle of Grahamstown,” inspiring his people to resist colonialism and fight for their freedom. Maqoma was the greatest general in the 19th century War of Resistance (the 9 “Frontier Wars”). He defended African land, autonomy, and independence for decades against colonial advances.

Spirit of Bloodshed — Review of Theatre of Violence

Mbembe argues that violence is circular. It establishes its own authority through itself, is maintained through itself and is revered through itself. The postcolony mirrors the violent relations of the colony precisely because the processes of civil society, democracy and state intervention are preceded by violence.

Review: Shaka Ilembe, A Pioneering Quest for Historical Veracity and Dramtic License

It prompts one to question the veracity of various other sayings in the series, such as "Iso ngeso" (an eye for an eye). In the absence of supporting evidence, doubts arise regarding the existence of such sayings within the Nguni nation prior to the arrival of the Bible. Did the production team conduct thorough linguistic research to ensure the precision of the language used in the series?

Basha Uhuru Creative Week

Basha Uhuru, taking place at Constitution Hill, will commence on June 21st with Creative Week and culminate in the Sounds of Freedom Music Festival on June 24th. Creative Week encompasses a diverse array of events, such as music industry workshops, a creative wellness program, panel discussions, exhibitions, and films.


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