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Gigs of The Weekend

This payday weekend is inundated with a plethora of Black events in this here, Johannesburg. Choosing one specific gig became a nightmare for the Blacks at Culture Review, so we decided to settle on the below selection that caters to the various and diverse Black tastes of our readers.

Black Verse for Mama Sobukwe

This initiative to memorialize The Mother of Azania enlists the launch of Sleeping Giant Awakes. This is an anthology that prides itself for being a rare feat of uncurated truth and uncoerced black speech.


Postage stamps have been in circulation since the eighteenth century; more than 200 years later they are still sold but aren’t used as much as they were and are now more of a collection/collector’s item because of the historical value that stamps carry.

Spha Mdlalose - Indlel'eyekhaya

“I started recording the album in 2016. I had a little bit of money and thought, why not go into the studio and record some tracks? We recorded about five tracks and kept those files for a bit. I listened to them later on and wasn’t really sure, so we re-recorded the tracks in 2017/2018.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey: 132 YEARS

"Negroes, keep your heads high. The day of the unscrupulousness of the white race fooling all the Negroes is over. They will have to remake the universe to fool me. In no department of learning can they close my eyes.

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