Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

“We fight Rhodes because he means so much for oppression, injustice, & moral degradation to South Africa - but if he passed away tomorrow there still remains the terrible fact that something in our society has formed the matrix which has fed, nourished and built up such a man.”


Mugo’s African Human Rights

Mugo argues that when economic rights are deprived, such as when people are malnourished or with disease, they do not have adequate access to their fundamental human right to life. Moreover, a change in economic priorities could give them those rights.

Festac 2024 Adds Euzhan Palcy

With a newly appointed A-list board of directors, FESTAC Africa Festival promises to be bigger and better this year under the guidance of Prof PLO Lumumba, Mr. Patric Obath, Dr. Rosemary Gituma, Amb (Dr) Wallace Williams, Mrs. Suhuru Ogada Odhiambo, Chief Kojo Yankah, and Dr. Olaseni Shoroye.


Lift offers lessons on art theft through the manipulation of artwork’s value to influence buyers' perceptions, a manipulation of aviation systems, and the greedy coldhearted folks who can cause natural catastrophes for the sake of money and power.


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