Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

“We fight Rhodes because he means so much for oppression, injustice, & moral degradation to South Africa - but if he passed away tomorrow there still remains the terrible fact that something in our society has formed the matrix which has fed, nourished and built up such a man.”


The Paucity of Black Intellectuals

My study on this phenomenon revealed that a significant number of black intellectuals and potential ones left the country, either to work or study abroad, as it was challenging to do so in apartheid South Africa if you were black.

REVIEW - A Marry Little Christmas

I am still fascinated by how fluidly the varied chaos ensues throughout the play – layered quarrelling, spirited dancing, momentary alliances formed (and destroyed) through laughter, capsizing dishes, confusing weather conditions, unexpected illness and some unconventional making-up and reconciliation.


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