Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

Cecil John Rhodes: British Empire Hitman

“We fight Rhodes because he means so much for oppression, injustice, & moral degradation to South Africa - but if he passed away tomorrow there still remains the terrible fact that something in our society has formed the matrix which has fed, nourished and built up such a man.”


The Constitutional Hill Human Rights Festival

This 6th edition of the Constitution Hill Human Rights festival takes place at a time when our country is in crisis and our Constitutional vision of social justice and human rights is being stretched to breaking point. For this reason, the theme of the festival is Seize the Power!

What Is Haiti To Me?

What is Haiti to me as a “black South African”? Probably nothing much. But what is Haiti to me as an Azanian? Haiti evokes memories of Pan-Africanism, the brave struggle against Euro-American slavery and racial domination.

A Few Words to My Comrades

"If someone tells me there is light at the end of the tunnel, my instant response is, yes, it is probably [another] train coming towards us." Without a doubt, the BCPA bloc in occupied Azania holds the same sentiments with this pessimistic phrase.

Bonko Khoza on his Performance in Red Ink

The eight-part thriller, of which new episodes land every Tuesday, tells the story of journalist turned publicist Lucy Khambule (SAFTA nominee Nqobile Nunu Khumalo), who is approached by Napoleon, an imprisoned serial killer who wants her to tell his story.


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