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Imagine umithe after udodi we-sex

There are guys who just can't seem to satisfy a woman in bed. I don't know if iqininiso ukuthi experience helps or maybe abanye basuke babe over confident. Hai cha kunabantu abakhefuzela phezu kwakho njenge truck yamalahle and lesoskhathi wena awuzwa fokol. Umuntu wakhona uyakurasela asking why you not cumming.


A dam in Fleurhof that hold healing waters, drinking water, swimming water but scientists warn worshippers of the contamination from nearby open mine waste.

Mama I’m Coming Home

“It was difficult for me to keep up with the life I thought I had built for myself. The flat in Fourways, the car, the hair and nails, lunch or drinks at Tashas and Doppio Zero with regular girls’ nights out at Cocoon and Taboo finally took their toll.

Taking A Stand – LGBTQI People & The Church

How could the church that took such a strong stand against apartheid display such blatant hatred and hypocrisy (and) deny for God’s LGBTQI children the solidarity we craved for ourselves? “animals”, “not created by God”; of bestiality and of LGBTQI persons in one breath, all of which as being a “scandal” and “stain” upon the church.

Mandela Is Dead – Nomashenge

Now that Nelson Mandela is no longer here, is it not time to have the difficult conversation with the white settler minority? To what extent should we still hold on to the dream of non-racialism when the minority has made it clear that they do not regard Blacks as equals and would never subject themselves to the rule (economically and otherwise) of the African majority.

BLF to Consider Armed Struggle

Today Black First Land First (BLF) is releasing, for comment and debate, its Policy Discussion Document titled “BLF is banned! What is to be done?”. This is in furtherance of a Special Policy Conference which shall be held by BLF on the 30th of November 2019 in Johannesburg.

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