Nelvis Qekema

Beauty Queen Executed

That natural beauty blinded the eye of the offspring of racists and National Party members. He was Jannie Beegte, a world-renowned professional body builder. On first sight, love became "blind".

The Phoenix Massacre

Bantu Biko, the Founding Father of the Black Consciousness Movement, warned us that apartheid employed a Divide & Rule strategy where the sections of the black community would be placed in separate concentration camps and oppressed in “varying degrees”.

Innocent Man Executed

He didn’t say a thing on the day of his execution by lethal injection on 20 April 2017. Ledell Lee (51), a Black American from Arkansas, only requested to be given holy communion. No dying words but only symbolism.

We Warned Brother Mmusi Maimane

This past Saturday the DA stalwart Tony Leon didn't mince his words in an interview with News24. He said it loud and clear that Mmusi Maimane was "an experiment that went wrong". Among other things, he was talking about his new book Future Tense, which has exposed the Present Tension of race relations in the DA.

Skop, Skiet en Donder Darkies

"When Wits black students were fighting for the doors of learning to be open as the Freedom Charter promises, police responded with violence. Those are the "black crowd control" techniques they know. Nothing else"

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