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Articles written by Nelvis Qekema

Mdingi Express Finally Speaks on Proteas Racism

It took young Lungi Ngidi’s Black Lives Matter call for the Mdingi Express to open up. Ntini, who broke into the Proteas ranks in 1998 as the “first black player”, stopped playing professional cricket nine years ago. For 22 years, Ntini hid the bleeding wound with a gentleman’s smile. But our Black Consciousness had always convinced us that something was not right with the apparent happiness of Ntini in the national side.

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Blacks Continue to Be Humiliated

It is only a Black person who could be dehumanised like that in this world. Global racism has normalised the dehumanisation of the Black person to such an extent that everyone who views the video will start by the default assumption that the gentleman must have broken the law.

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AZANIA is an integral part of Afrika. Azania is the name of our country for which Black people bled and died in their thousands so that Azania would be proudly sounded in calling the land of our forebears. If anybody wanted a referendum to check the “acceptability” of the name Azania, we must remind them about the June 16 Uprisings. We must ask them to count the body bags of Azanians who died defiantly embracing the name Azania.

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The Anti-Blackness of Uyajola 9/9

Is it not enough that landlessness, slavery, colonialism and racism relegated Black people into subhuman beings? Then why is it that the state doesn’t protect its citizenry? Or why can’t the citizens’ organisations educate the people against being ripped off and destroyed in the manner Uyajola 9/9 is doing?

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Covid-19: People Are More Than Numbers

I know that Black people are so used to death that they simply respond by saying “akuhlanga lungehlanga”, meaning this has happened before; or that it happens all the time. Indeed, One Million people died in Rwanda’s imperialist-induced Civil War. I’m sure we still can't make sense of 1 000 000 lives lost.

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The Great Queen Manthatisi

Manthatisi's genius came to the fore when she faced devastating defeats in 1823. The Battle of Dithakong was one such defeat. But she was able to lead her battle-fatigued people in retreat and search for a new settlement. While Azanian revolutionaries know The Great March of the Chinese people by heart, they don't know this Great March by this great Afrikan warrior Manthatisi.

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