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The Sjava Precedent

Flowing from the principle of “I believe her”, anyone charged with rape shall from now on, following how Sjava (aka Jabulani Makhubo) was treated, be regarded as guilty until proven innocent. In other words, the onus of proof regarding the offence of rape now effectively rests on the accused person to prove his innocence – the accused is guilty until proven innocent.

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Cuddling yabo Jesu! Uvukeliswa yi-warmth yakhe net ku-skin sakho. They even kiss you before touching your thigh, unlike lemigulukudu who touch your thigh first as a sign of wanting to go in between your legs. They always call or text to ensure if you alright and if you not, they wanna know what they can do to help. They even introduce you to their family and they pray nawe and go to church nawe.

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Melanin Cinematography

Mnguni adds that “the idea of representing people of colour with dignity certainly isn't a new idea. There are prolific individuals who uphold this ideal, but melanin cinematography brings with it the opportunity to unite all of us under a recognizable body that aims to innovate and create new standards and introduce new technologies that are informed by our understanding of our skin from the research that we'll be conducting”.

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Case Against Private Universities: De-Privatize or Perish

As one of the most unequal societies on Earth (according to this report , the Inequality Trends report, as well as the World Inequality Database), South Africa had no other option but to legislate and roll out universally fee-free education for everyone (declared as free education for the poor). Put differently, could a country reeling and writhing from an unjust colonial past afford to lock out the majority of its citizens from its universities?

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South Africa is Coloured by Blood More Than Race: An Oblique APPEAL to Dali Mpofu

The hand often credited with painting the rainbow nation is long gone. The colours of its work are faded. Yet, FW de Klerk, the man who held the palette of democracy alongside Mandela, is still alive. If it weren’t so heartbreaking, it would be laughable that some were stunned by his recent ‘apartheid wasn’t a crime against humanity’ comments. Even more bizarre was the apology from his foundation.

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