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Memory Is the Weapon: Bitter Truths

We know that Project Coast, the biological and chemical warfare program mastered by Wouter Basson and Pieter Willem Botha continued under the De Klerk administration because in April 1989, the Civil Corporation Bureau (CCP) attempted to kill the Reverend Frank Chikane with poison while he was on a trip in Namibia.

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De Klerk Apology Rejected

We believe that the time for empty apologies in South Africa as a means of reconciliation is over. Apologies for the brutality black South Africans have experienced has taken various forms in South Africa, with all of them being publicity stunts. There must be a decisive move from efforts of reconciliation to justice, as justice is the only form of recourse that can be taken against those who refuse to repent for the evils they have committed.

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Modes of Communication: Letters From The Underworlds

Following his standout performance at NYC Winter Jazzfest earlier this month, the visionary South African pianist and composer Nduduzo Makhathini has announced an April 3 release date for his Blue Note Records debut Modes of Communication: Letters from the Underworlds, an expansive album anchored by Makhathini’s expressive piano in which lyrical, plaintive horns mingle with percussion, pained yelps and urgent lyrics. The album is available for pre-order on CD and digital formats.

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Blacks DO Read

Wipe out of your mind the anti-Black stereotype that Blacks don't read. What is true is that we've been systematically denied education. Where we were given access to educational institutions, they made sure to either under-educate or mis-educate us.

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Die Volle Fokken Spy

Tasked with recounting the life and times of Jairus ‘Jakarumba’ Nkwe, a successful yet notoriously colourful problem child of Kwaito, the production in fact went beyond its call of duty as it drew crowds from all sectors of society, folk who thirsted for times yonder when street bashes and 6 to 6 parties were the order.

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Thina Singabantwa Base Afrika

The seminar series, hosted by the School of Journalism & Media Studies, ‘Southern Epistemologies Thinking Beyond the Abyss for a Transformative Curriculum’, took place at the Makhanda-based Pan-Africanist oriented school, Isikolo sama-Afrika (African School of Thought). The seminar created a space to touch the intangible: African histories and untold identities.

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