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Creating A Less Good Idea

Twice a year, artists from different art disciplines meet to create work for the bi-annual festival held at the centre. Under the leadership of experienced curators, these artists experiment and venture into other disciplines in a quest to create the best projects. Season 6's curators are Sello Pesa and Thiresh Govender.

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Unlearn chronicles the travails and struggles of a young lady, Angel Mojapelo, who is deeply wrought in the darkness of depression and anxiety. Mojapelo uses stand-up comedy as a coping mechanism to deal with her parents’ failed marriage and unfulfilling career choices. She attends a friend’s party which sets in motion various events that change her life dramatically.

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Gig of The Weekend – F-Stop Club

The F-Stop Club is a collective of visual artists who are interested in DIY self-publishing through the creation of Zine making. The Club believes that within the South African visual culture, it is important to have a platform where artists can produce their own work in order to sustain the practice.

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Andrew Tshabangu - Footprints

Born 1966 in Soweto, Tshabangu is particularly drawn to the people, urban landscapes and domestic spaces of the city of Johannesburg. As Hlonipha Mokoena noted, Tshabangu’s photographs “preserve the perpetually changing Jo’burg”, a practice at odds with “a world that erases and forgets”.

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Law Firm Racism

There are two candidate attorneys allocated to Attorney X’s team, yourself and Cathy. Cathy’s varsity marks are not very strong, but she is also white and they loved her at the interview. You both are given your first assignment due within one week; it is a fairly simple task researching an aspect of law that you are very familiar with.

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